SmartBar User Guide

Installation Instructions

SmartBar software is installed in 2 steps:

Very Important: The logged in user must have full admin privilges for the install process to fully install the smartbar system. If you are not sure if you have full admin privilges, ask your I.T. support person.
Important Note 2 : The software is installed under one user and not for all users, this software installer should only be run once on the target PC

  1. Run The install Shield to the finish, please disable any antivirus before installing.
  2. During install , please allow mysql, apache and smartbarservice to run if it blocked by your firewall or malware.
  3. Depending on your security setup, your operating system might ask for a password to run a smartbar schedule, just enter your pc password to allow this schedule to run.
  4. Smartbar runs with a mysql database and apache server. Ports 3306 and port 24048 must not be used by any other software
  5. After install reboot your pc
Step 1
In the browser type ,Click on the download or type the direct link After selecting the download You will notice a Internet Explorer popup regarding saving the download.

Step 2
Click on save as and select where on your PC you want to save the download too. Preferably save it it to your desktop.

Step 3
Now that you have saved the install shield ,on your desktop, move your mouse over the icon and right click on the mouse and select "Run as administrator" By selecting "Run as administrator" you will avoid most security and permission issues during the install.

Step 4
For alert dialogs during this installation, allow all Bonzi programs to proceed by selecting: Continue, Unblock, Yes, Allow or Permit. Blocking an installation will likely cause it to fail. For best results leave your firewall software enabled.

Step 5

Step 6
Here you can select full (default) trial or demo. The trial will last for 35 days and then ask for a license , the demo allow for 5 devices to be added, and does not have weekly or monthly reports. It never requires a license.

Step 7

Step 8

Note: The apache server runs on port 24048 and the mysql server runs on 3306, It is however not a good idea to have 2 or more web servers or databases running on a PC that is not a viable server.
All software runs silently behind the firewall but it does connect to an outside database server at for updates and data
upload for our iphone app and internet reports, but the av can give false positives about these.

That's it!

If you're new to SmartBar, please read the Getting Started section of the User Guide to begin learning how to do your initial setup